Thursday, August 29, 2013

A Long Since Finished Project

I got married just over a year ago.  I had 6 amazing bridesmaids and I wanted to show them how much they meant to me.  So I made them a small collection of fun stuff, because giving people stuff is a great way to say thank you!

Each woman got an envelope (far left) which I bought at an etsy fair.  I was going to write each of them a note and put them in the envelope, but I ended up using our thank you note postcards instead.  They didn't fit in the envelopes, so the ladies can use the envelopes for their own devices!

They each then got a small notebook (far right) that I had made from an old school calendar/organizer that my brother never used.  The pages inside are lined and the outsides are pictures from the beginning of each month.  I like little things and I had these and thought they'd be a fun little object to have thrown in a purse.

Of course if you have paper, you need a pen!  Those pill looking objects are actually capsule pens that open up like this...

Capsule Pen

I got them at an awesome shop in NYC called Pylones.  A dangerously fun place to browse.

Then to have a place to put all these little things, I made each of them a clutch (back center) using the same design as I did for these clutches, except I added a lining to these.  I used fabric left over from some table toppers I made for my reception.  I patchworked the greens and blues together and used some off-white with sparkles (oooh, sparkles) for the lining.  I'd love to do a tutorial on them...when I have a sewing room again.

Finally, to make the look come together as they're toting all this awesomeness around, I made them each scarves.  (Light weight for spring/summer/early fall).  The fabric came from shirts and skirts that I had bought or found and thought the patterns would be great for some sewing project, but never got around to using them. They're all slippery and fun.  They're a super simple gift.  (Another possible tutorial?)  I love them all.

I hope they enjoy these gifts.  They were so awesome, it was the only way I could think to thank them! So thank you ladies!  You know who you are! 

See you soon!
(with a few fun tutorials!?!)

p.s.  We had ugly green carpets and dark green couches and photographing these beauties was getting frustrating.  So I took one of our soft fuzzy blankets that was white and laid it over the couch and used that as the backdrop.  The other couch blocks the light a little, but it's sooooo much better!


  1. I LOVED mine! So fun. And it's starting to actually cool down out here so I can wear the scarf. Always a win. :)

    1. Thanks! I did try to make them out of something light weight enough that you didn't have to wait for a blizzard to enjoy it!!