Monday, August 12, 2013

GillyWhig Quilt (WiP)

This is the beginnings.  Oh I am so excited about this quilt.  I'm calling it the GillyWhig Quilt, which I'll explain in a later post.  Check out my fabrics!!!

My husband was up working in Everett, WA for the morning (remember we're in Seattle for the month), so I drove up with him and had an enormously hysterical morning trying to find a cafe in which to enjoy a cup of hot chocolate (yes, it was cold enough to want one! I loved it!) and wait until 9 when the fabric store opened.

But the fabric store was amazing!  My only 'local 'quilt' store' in Idaho is JoAnn, so I was excited to see anything that was different.  I spent 2 hours in the Pacific Fabric & Crafts store picking out the 19 different patterns and colors.  Oh I was in heaven.  I had to carry the bolts up to the cutting table in 3 trips. I had taken over a display table to figure out my choices.  Why don't quilt stores have tables for decision making?  There's never space to lay it out.  But the ladies their were lovely, so it was ok.

So I have darks and lights of each fabric.  And I wanted a curve in the pieces.  So I drew one...

with my fancy curve drawing device...

a plate of course!  (I'd use a compass but I don't own one, shockingly).  I was realizing today that a template would have been a better idea for this step and the following one as well.  Live and learn!  That's what happens when you design your own quilt.

Continuing on with my food adventures, look what I've been eating recently...

... a fresh fig! I'd never had one before last week and it made me feel very naive and sheltered in terms of food (which I don't think I am, but I've only ever had dried fig before.)

It's so funny looking inside, but it's really tasty.  Sort of reminds me of a kiwi, especially with the little pink seeds at the end of the tendrils.

Fun eats, no?

See you soon!
(with more sights of Seattle, methinks...)

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