Thursday, August 10, 2017

Willow Basket

We have a giant willow bush next to our house.

I couldn't find a spring/summer picture, but (don't mind the moose in the backyard) the wooden sticks you see in the foreground coming in a few feet over the deck, that's the willow we're talking about.  And that was 9 months ago.

So as my husband chopped off a whole bunch to reclaim entry to the backyard (the bush is right in front of our deck access door) I started stripping some branches.

And I ended up with this awesome basked.  I just wove it green so I know it won't last as long as if I had dried them and soaked them, but I was feeling a need for immediate satisfaction.  (Also, I have zero experience with this type of weaving, so I made it all up on the fly, so no judgement! It holds together, that's all I'm concerned about)

It's totally lopsided on the bottom as some branches were thicker and didn't curve as gracefully as others.  But it's ok, it's a cornucopia type, display basket (or it is now).

I don't know what to put in it yet, but it makes me happy and it smells good.  So yay! I made something!

See ya later...

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Because I'm a little crazy

I have an umbrella clothesline.  Unfortunately, it fell over during a use (I hadn't replanted it in the yard after winter so it was a touch unstable) and after much frustration, I had to pack it up for a few days.  The string was uneven, I couldn't open it. But our summer sun is soooo hot and things dry so quick, I feel guilty using a dryer.  Hence, the following:

Armed with our four dining chairs and the dog's old 30ft wire leash (when we weren't sure if he would try to jump the fence in our backyard or not), I strung up a makeshift laundry line.  (That's a queen sized fitted sheet hanging.  The flat sheet is temperarily hanging on the chair seats, waiting it's turn in the full sun).

It didn't all fit in one go, I swapped out the two parts of the sheet and some other towels, but it all dried in about the same time a dryer would have taken.  Sometimes I think I'm a little crazy to do this sort of stuff, but it feels good to have not turned the dryer on when the temperature outside is above 95F. 

Happy laundering to you all.

see you soon.  with more stuff.  probably.

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Because Why Not?

My neighbor was throwing this chair out. 

 I have really wanted a cozy chair, something I can turn sideways in to curl up in to read a book.  So I decided to try a new craft - reupholstery.  Because why not? There's not enough going on in my life yet.  Let's add some more :)

I've taken it apart half way so far, the piping, the back, the sides and half of the bottom of the seat are taken off.  I hit a few spots that were unexpected in their construction and I'm trying to decide if I want to copy the original technique exactly or if I can fudge a little here or there.

I want to make sure I do it properly so that it lasts.  However, I don't want to bite off more than I can chew and in doing so, do subpar work.  I'm taking a few days to determine what I feel like taking on. But I'm excited! It's super cozy. Can't wait!

see you soon...with something, probably

Monday, September 26, 2016

We love where we live

So I just checked out my previous posts.  Oh me, thinking I was so clever and figuring out the picture thing.  Obviously that didn't work! Hopefully I will be able to actually post pictures I've taken in the next few days.  I hope I do.  I have a lot going on and I love it.  I took my first weaving class yesterday, it was all about lace.  I wasn't sure I'd have the patience for some of it.  And for some of it, I might not.  But for other kinds, I loved it!  I really want to be able to weave my own curtains for my bedroom.  I'm pretty sure I will, now. Until next time, here's a picture my husband took on a hike recently.  We love where we live.

yay for husband!


Thursday, September 22, 2016

Heddles, Anger, and Something Else

I managed to thread the heddles of my loaned loom for a lace class I'm taking on Saturday (which I am beyond excited about, as it will be my first weaving class, and it will hopefully prepare me to be able to weave some beautiful lace curtains for my bedroom windows. I squealed a lot when I picked up my warp thread.)

It went pretty quick, but I think it helped that someone else did all the measuring and planning. Not much thinking necessary on my part. 

I'm trying really hard not to punch blogger in the face right now because it's making life really difficult to write this. I don't think anything is going as planned and it all seems extremely poorly designed, at least while I'm trying to do it on my phone.

I had anther less than enjoyable experience that I may write about tomorrow. It deals with a sad, angry, probably sick child and a librarian. It may then morph into a question and debate. Possibly to be debated by me alone, but that's ok. 

Another day, another post! Wahoo! Go me!

Feeling good about some things in life makes all life a little better. 


Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Heart Love - A Quilt for my Niece

This is the front of my niece's quilt, before it was sewn up, out on my 'design floor'. It made doing anything else difficult for a few days as I laid it out. Good motivation to get it done!

(Sorry it's tilted all weird and sideways. I'm sort of focusing on actually posting and not about the perfection of things. Also, I don't have room on my phone to take any more pictures and so this is what I have until I take time to delete other things.)

This quilt was all randomly done. I grabbed a handful of the first few blues (after laying them out light to dark) and I would go across the row making sure two of the same were never touching. If I could change anything, I would've gotten a better blend of pinks, but honestly, the options weren't super great and by the time I had finished picking out 17 blues, my two kids were a little less patient with me, so I wasn't the insanely picky self I usually am.

Anyway, for having designed it in the aisle at the fabric store, I am pretty proud of it. Simple construction, but still super fun and interesting. (She likes hearts and turquoise/aqua. And stars, hence the back piece.)

Yay for me for completing the another post! Hope you like,


Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Star Fun - A Quilt for my Niece

So I've been having some issues, mostly with my computer being out of commission. (It's a long angry story). But with some copy and pasting I've realized I can post through my phone, which is where all my pictures are at the moment. Hopefully this means I will be more regular with my posts. I've got enough going on to post about. So, without further ado-

Here is part of the back of a quilt that I'm making for my niece. It'll be pieced together with some blue and pink plaid houndstooth fabric. (Trust me, it looks awesome).

(Quick apology for the horrible lighting. I stayed up until 1am to finish this. I wasn't  going to wait until morning to take a picture!) 

It was fun to be able to try out techniques and be adventurous (sewing without measuring-gasp!) and realize what I liked and didn't like on a small scale. (I love the strip star in the bottom left corner!). I've heard other sewers talk about this concept and I finally get it.