Friday, February 16, 2018

Wedding Quilt - Flimsy Done (Well, Almost)

It's a bad picture, but it's really just to show that I've sewn it together. 

The living room floor was probably covered in toys or blocks or dog hair, so quick throw on the couch and TaDaa! Proof that it is a (wrinkly) flimsy. (Except I guess it's not a complete flimsy because I'm probably adding borders.  Shh, it's a big accomplishment for me.)

til next time...

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Wedding Quilt

I love the difference taking a picture makes.

When I first laid these out it looked like a random hodgepodge of blocks.  But looking at the picture, the chain of squares really pops out, making me feel much better. 

Yay! Progress!

til next time...

Friday, February 9, 2018

Tshirt Rug - Done!!!!

So remember how I said it was a sombrero? Look how much extra braid I had stuffed in the center of the rug before!  (This lighting makes it look sort of bluish.  The last picture in the post is more accurate for color.)

It almost reaches all the way around the rug's outer circumference.  No wonder it was buckling.

So I ended up splicing the extra braid into the end of the original braid to get an extra 2" of diameter on the rug.

And I finished it!  I've done a little more since I took these pictures - like the place where I changed colors at the bottom of that previous picture and the medium gray fabric is sticking out from the braid, that got tacked into place, along with a few other spots around the edges. 

I'll get some more detailed, close up pictures of it in it's new home soon, and get the official diameter for you, but I'm super excited.  And it's flat, I promise (the colors make it look wavy, but I swear, it's not).

See? No waves.  All flat.  Most importantly, it's done!!!

til next time...

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Tshirt Rug - 3rd time's the charm

Sooo.... I didn't get a picture, but this rug had turned into a sombrero.  
When your son uses it as a ramp for his monster trucks, you know it's not a great rug.

I think it was the stitch I was using to sew the braids together because at one point I changed my stitch and from that point on the rug was fairly flat.  (I've been told that I am using a blind hem stitch and it's working sooo great for me.)  After telling my husband the options, he suggested I finish sewing it to the end.  (Other options were to rip it out and machine sew it, or rip it all out and start again from the center)

Instead I ripped out the center of the rug until it laid flat.  I started resewing towards the center with the clearly better (for me) blind hem stitch .

It's laying nice and flat now, so I'll keep circling in til I get to the center.  Strange enough, it doesn't feel backwards to sew from the outside in.  

Wish me luck.  If it goes wrong at this point I think I may just keep it a doughnut.  I'm losing a little steam with this one.  I'm very glad I didn't rip out the whole thing.  Definitely saved me time and sanity.

til next time....

Saturday, January 27, 2018

Goals for 2018

For some reason my phone wont let me upload pictures to my computer.  So while I've had progress on many things, I thought I'd do this, sharing the things I'd like to do this year.  I'll have new ones pop up as the year goes on.  I'll update it as I go, but these are things I know I want to do at the moment.

Projects to finish 2018 
(so at the end of the year I have a concrete list off of which I can judge)

I have an Idea
1. Quilt for niece M
2. Storage bag for kid's blocks
3. Bag for music
4. Bag from handwoven tshirts
5. Quiet Book
6. Reusable shopping bags
7. State applique wall hangings
8. Brooklyn inspired quilt
9. Rainbow HST quilt

In Design Stages
1. Curtains for kids room
2. Red Knit clutch
3. Travel Bag for Husband
4. Storage Bag for Reverse Charades game
5. Reusable Produce Bags
6. More Handkerchiefs
7. Son's name Wall Hanging

In Some Stage of Sewing
1. Wedding Quilt
2. Quilt for niece A
3. Christmas Tree Skirt
4. Curtains for front entry
5. Tshirt Rug
6. Christmas Matching Game
7. Embroidered Alphabet
8. HST Wall Hanging

Needs Quilting/Binding
1. Code Wall Hanging
2. Daughter's name Wall Hanging
3. Baby Quilt(s) from Wedding Fabric

Long Term - (To work on, but not finish, this year)
-Hand Stitched hexagon quilt
-Cathedral Window quilt

These are all things I definitely want to do.  I have a stack of projects that I have started throughout the years and not finished that I am unsure about.  They may get recycled, they may get tossed, they may be redesigned, they may be completed as originally planned.  They're not as high priority, so most will likely be dismantled and used in other ways.  But who knows, you may still see some of them on this blog.

til then....

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Train Blanket - The Beginnings

More train fabric from the friend who gave me the train book panel.  My son wanted to do another job (project) with me.

When I got this I figured it was perfect.   I asked him what he wanted to make and he said a blanket.  The fabric's not very big (the above panel is 32"x41"). I haven't decided if I'll try to put some more borders around it to make it bigger, or just leave it and have it be a toddler bed size quilt. 

I'll probably ask him as well.  It is his blanket, after all.  He helped me trim both pieces (we hold the rotary cutter together and we each have a hand on the ruler).  Then he got distracted by racing monster trucks down my mini ironing board leaning against the couch.  Love that kid.

til next time...

Saturday, January 20, 2018

Wedding Quilt - slow, slow progress

Wedding Quilt!
(I love little stacks of fabric like these.  They make me happy.)

My husband and I didn't have a wedding book, we had everyone sign/draw on pieces of fabric.  Those were all sewn together into LeMoyne Star blocks (which I finished 18 months ago-ish?).  These will be the spacing blocks in between. 

My iron died at this point though.  Saddest moment ever.  (Though it was 12:30am on Sunday morning and I had a veeeeery long day ahead of me, so it may have been God saying, this is the only way to get her to bed.  So be it.  Let the iron die.)

  But I've got a new one (YAY!!!!), so progress may continue to be made.  We only got married 5.5 years ago.  That's not too bad, right?

til next time...