Monday, September 26, 2016

We love where we live

So I just checked out my previous posts.  Oh me, thinking I was so clever and figuring out the picture thing.  Obviously that didn't work! Hopefully I will be able to actually post pictures I've taken in the next few days.  I hope I do.  I have a lot going on and I love it.  I took my first weaving class yesterday, it was all about lace.  I wasn't sure I'd have the patience for some of it.  And for some of it, I might not.  But for other kinds, I loved it!  I really want to be able to weave my own curtains for my bedroom.  I'm pretty sure I will, now. Until next time, here's a picture my husband took on a hike recently.  We love where we live.

yay for husband!


Thursday, September 22, 2016

Heddles, Anger, and Something Else

I managed to thread the heddles of my loaned loom for a lace class I'm taking on Saturday (which I am beyond excited about, as it will be my first weaving class, and it will hopefully prepare me to be able to weave some beautiful lace curtains for my bedroom windows. I squealed a lot when I picked up my warp thread.)

It went pretty quick, but I think it helped that someone else did all the measuring and planning. Not much thinking necessary on my part. 

I'm trying really hard not to punch blogger in the face right now because it's making life really difficult to write this. I don't think anything is going as planned and it all seems extremely poorly designed, at least while I'm trying to do it on my phone.

I had anther less than enjoyable experience that I may write about tomorrow. It deals with a sad, angry, probably sick child and a librarian. It may then morph into a question and debate. Possibly to be debated by me alone, but that's ok. 

Another day, another post! Wahoo! Go me!

Feeling good about some things in life makes all life a little better. 


Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Heart Love - A Quilt for my Niece

This is the front of my niece's quilt, before it was sewn up, out on my 'design floor'. It made doing anything else difficult for a few days as I laid it out. Good motivation to get it done!

(Sorry it's tilted all weird and sideways. I'm sort of focusing on actually posting and not about the perfection of things. Also, I don't have room on my phone to take any more pictures and so this is what I have until I take time to delete other things.)

This quilt was all randomly done. I grabbed a handful of the first few blues (after laying them out light to dark) and I would go across the row making sure two of the same were never touching. If I could change anything, I would've gotten a better blend of pinks, but honestly, the options weren't super great and by the time I had finished picking out 17 blues, my two kids were a little less patient with me, so I wasn't the insanely picky self I usually am.

Anyway, for having designed it in the aisle at the fabric store, I am pretty proud of it. Simple construction, but still super fun and interesting. (She likes hearts and turquoise/aqua. And stars, hence the back piece.)

Yay for me for completing the another post! Hope you like,


Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Star Fun - A Quilt for my Niece

So I've been having some issues, mostly with my computer being out of commission. (It's a long angry story). But with some copy and pasting I've realized I can post through my phone, which is where all my pictures are at the moment. Hopefully this means I will be more regular with my posts. I've got enough going on to post about. So, without further ado-

Here is part of the back of a quilt that I'm making for my niece. It'll be pieced together with some blue and pink plaid houndstooth fabric. (Trust me, it looks awesome).

(Quick apology for the horrible lighting. I stayed up until 1am to finish this. I wasn't  going to wait until morning to take a picture!) 

It was fun to be able to try out techniques and be adventurous (sewing without measuring-gasp!) and realize what I liked and didn't like on a small scale. (I love the strip star in the bottom left corner!). I've heard other sewers talk about this concept and I finally get it. 


Saturday, January 2, 2016

31 Projects in 31 Days (and a moose)

It's January.  I haven't really done this in a little bit, but since moving towns and unpacking all my unfinished projects, I've realized it's time to finish many of them.  Many have been around for years, many are 95% done.  So it is time.

31 Projects in 31 Days: it has begun.

I've even finished a project already.  But I'm slow on pictures, so it'll come tomorrow.  For now, here's a picture of my feet (under a blanket) and the moose that has been enjoying our backyard.  I've named it Magnus.

Magnus the Moose

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Scrap Buster #8, 9 and 10 - Scarf Happy

I got Scarf Happy.  And I realized that I can totally count these as scrap buster projects (well, 3 of them).  Very excited to use up some yarn.  Love it.

These are made for the lovely lady and girls that hosted my baby shower.  The mother is super thoughtful and we decorated (with paint, fabric, thread, markers) onesies, bibs and burp cloths at the party.  I was set!  (Plus they also gave us pretty much anything and everything we'd ever need for a child because they were done having their own.  We love them.)

I checked out her Pinterest pages to find out style wise what she'd like.  (I'm always terrified of making gifts for people specifically.  I'd hate to make something just for them and then find out they hate it.  I'm always scared I don't know enough about people to make something personalized).  Anyways, she had a pin of this scarf.  I ran with it.  (It was either this or boot cuffs, but I thought this was more exciting).

I bought yarn for this one, since I didn't have exactly what I wanted and she deserved exactly that.  This was the softest yarn I've ever felt.  I told her when I gave it to her that if she didn't want it, I wouldn't be offended.  I'd take it back and wear it myself!

Just a simple rib knit stitch with giant (size 13) needles and using both red and cream together.  You can bunch it up near your neck or stretch it out to hang down a little farther.  It doubles over, but you could open it up and have it high up around your neck.  Oh the possibilities.

For the older girl, I picked the fun colored variegated yarn.  I used a jay-walking pattern, which was so fun.  You knit straight across with some increases and decreases and it makes it into a chevron pattern.  So easy and super cute.

I love the ridges in it at the points.  It's long and skinny.  Probably more for style than warmth.  The style a 10 year old likes.

The younger girl is all about pink.  I used this sweet pink and cream variegated yarn but ran out, so I did the 2nd half white.  The stitch is a simple double seed stitch (k2, p2, repeat for 2 rows, then do the opposite, p2, k2 for 2 rows.  Repeat 4 rows)

I also folded up the ends and sewed the sides together to make little pockets.  Pockets are always good for hands or trinkets or secrets.  I love the texture on this one.  8 year olds need good texture.

 The last scarf is for me!  I saw it on purl bee.  I think the original pictures on the site are deceiving.  The middle section does not appear to be as long as they say it is in relation to the size of the tips.  They have added new pictures in new color ways and they are more accurate in size.  I think, at least.

I decided I'd use up a bunch of ends of skeins that I had.   I finished off the red, gray, blue and orange.  I've got plenty of the green/blue/purple stuff still, but I'm excited about that.  I just love the pop of red against the blue and gray, and the tiny pop of orange.  Well, I love it all, really.  The blue is gorgeous and the colored edges are just fun.

Very simple garter stitch makes it a little thicker and stretchy but still super soft and cozy.  Love the tapered ends.  Perfect neck height when folded in half.  Tucks under jackets really well.  My tips are curly because I didn't block it.  I'm ok with that.

Super soft blue wool.  So excited to wear this more! I'm a scarf-o-holic.  Good thing I gave away 3 of these.  Though again, I would've kept the first one.

(I realize I jumped from scrap buster 5 to 7.  I have written the post for 6 but I haven't taken the pictures yet.  I'll have to get those done.)

See you sooner than when I said I'd see you soon last time!

Friday, November 7, 2014

Scrap Buster #7 - (Ugly) Clothespin Bag

I used to have a friend in college who asked me to make him ugly mittens to match the ugly scarf his mom had given him.  It was the most hysterical and difficult thing I did.  It's hard to purposefully make something ugly when I usually do everything I can to avoid that.  And I wasn't sure if he wanted hideously ugly or just not very pretty.  I made them hideous.  He loved them.  That worked out.  He later commissioned a hat of the same variety.  Also hideous.  I learned to let go of my need for everything to always be esthetically pleasing.

Bringing me to my clothespin bag.  We line dry everything and desperately needed a bag in which to carry our clothespins.  I didn't like the ones that hung on the line because I'd have to drag it along the line as I pinned things up.  I didn't plan on keeping it on the line in between dryings since I didn't want it getting rained on.  I ended up just making a basic bag shape and then put straps closer to each other on one side than on the other to tie around my waist, making the opening fall open away from me so it would be easier to get my hand in and out.

The bag is made from 2 9-patch squares I made over 5 years ago with random fabric I had at the time.  I had 2, so I decided to use one for each side of the bag, but I didn't really like all the fabric and I didn't like how they were arranged.  I just wanted to use them up.  I ended up doing a disappearing 9 patch on it first.  Then I did the disappearing 4 patch technique on it, mixing up the pieces from both sides until I liked the arrangement better.  (I still don't love it as a beautiful thing, but I like it better than what I started with.)  I then used some fun palm tree fabric (again, stuff I wanted to get rid of) as the bottom and sides to make it big enough to house all my pins.  I lined it with some greenish/purple floral fabric (again, get it out of my stash!) and made the handles out of the same material as the lining.  Sewed the handles on and BAM! Clothespin bag.

It works just great.  Do I think it's beautiful? No.  Do I love it's function?  Yes.  Will I redo it?  Probably not until this one falls apart, so not for a while.  There you go.  I let go of perfect beauty for the purpose of function and clearing out fabric.  I feel good about that.  Yay for line drying!

See you soon!
(I've been doing better at keeping this promise lately!)