Thursday, August 10, 2017

Willow Basket

We have a giant willow bush next to our house.

I couldn't find a spring/summer picture, but (don't mind the moose in the backyard) the wooden sticks you see in the foreground coming in a few feet over the deck, that's the willow we're talking about.  And that was 9 months ago.

So as my husband chopped off a whole bunch to reclaim entry to the backyard (the bush is right in front of our deck access door) I started stripping some branches.

And I ended up with this awesome basked.  I just wove it green so I know it won't last as long as if I had dried them and soaked them, but I was feeling a need for immediate satisfaction.  (Also, I have zero experience with this type of weaving, so I made it all up on the fly, so no judgement! It holds together, that's all I'm concerned about)

It's totally lopsided on the bottom as some branches were thicker and didn't curve as gracefully as others.  But it's ok, it's a cornucopia type, display basket (or it is now).

I don't know what to put in it yet, but it makes me happy and it smells good.  So yay! I made something!

See ya later...