Friday, March 28, 2014

Scrap Buster #2 - Fabric Tray

As promised, this project was actually completed before the sweater/scrap fabric pillow case was done, but I felt the need to get that one posted considering I'm already working on the next clothing revamp project.

This project was super simple.  I wanted a place to contain our wallets and keys on our table, otherwise they ended up falling to the bottom of the bowl where we keep our gloves and odds and ends.  I also like the look of having a specific, contained place for things to go, instead of just being put straight on the table top.  I looked into quite a few different fabric buckets and bags, and loved a whole bunch, but for this project, I ended up going with noodlehead's fabric trays.  They looked like a quick sew, they used up a little batting (which I've got a bunch of odd, small shapes left over), and they make a tray, not a basket, meaning the sides aren't too high, but you're not sewing tiny pieces of fabric to make tiny sides.

I read how it was all put together and then made my own dimensions for my tray, since I didn't want lots of extra space for other things to crowd it up.  I decided to use a quilting cotton weight fabric for the inside and an upholstery weight fabric for the outside.  I don't own any fusible type anything and I didn't want it to be too flimsy on the bottom (though it's not something that's going to be carried anywhere, I just wanted it more sturdy because I did.  End.).

The upholstery fabric made it just stiff enough where it doesn't droop down sadly when picked up.  At one point I considered putting cardboard in it to make it stiff.  Then I decided it was way too much work and would require me to leave my craft room.  Bad idea.  I stayed put and sewed a tray!  I love it.  It's the perfect size and just keeps things looking nicer.

Now I have to figure out a way to organize the hats and scarves now that our coat rack is slightly broken and can't hold as much as it used to.  Any ideas?  Ones that involve sewing with fabric are highly encouraged!

See you soon!
(...with details on the next clothing revamp project!)

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Clothes Revamp No. 1 Complete!

I did it!  And don't worry, I finished it on March 3rd (just in time).  I have been having a hard time remembering to take a picture of it during sun light hours.  Our living room is so dark, you wouldn't be able to see it at night.  I can't see it and I'm looking at it right now (I think).

So I proudly present to you, my sweater-turned-pillow case Clothing Revamp!

I love this because it serves quite a few purposes.
1.  It motivates me to now recover the couches (since you can see our couches are basically the same color) which I've been wanting and planning to do for coming up on 2 years now.  (I'm terrified about it, that's why I haven't done it yet).  
2.  I finally get to enjoy the awesome fabric manipulation I did on the sweater, since I didn't wear the sweater before, and it was on the back so I didn't see it anyway!

3.  I ended up using some of the scrap fabric that I'm trying to sew my way through, so it also becomes project 1 of my Scrap Buster projects as well.  YAY for reaching 2 goals with one project!

I still did an envelope style pillow back (with a general idea of how to do it from Martha Stewart, though I had to alter it a little because I was using a different fabric for the front).  But I made my classic mistake and ended up with the bottom folding over the top - which may not necessarily be wrong, but I definitely prefer the other way around.  I just always get confused when I'm sewing it inside out.  One of these days I'll figure it out.  Otherwise, I'm quite happy with it!

The hardest part was cutting the green knit.  Since I had pulled it in so may directions and not equally on both sides or from top to bottom, it was hard to cut it in a square.  Or really, it was hard to cut it so that when it was sewn to the back it would stretch properly to become a square.  I think I did a pretty good job at it, though.  If my backing fabric had been a little stiffer it would have helped keep a squarer shape once it was on the form, but I prefer softer fabrics for pillows (so I can snuggle my face on them without being scratched), so I like it!

I have chosen my denim dress to be my next clothing project.  That post will be coming soon, at least the post saying what I'm thinking of doing with it!

Clothing Revamp #1, done!
Scrap Buster #1, done!

See you soon!
(...with Scrap Buster #2!  It's already done!)