Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Project #10

Cat in the Hat

Yes, clearly this project was from colder days. A knit hat. On a ferocious looking cat. It's a simple knit that I've decided not to dwell on considering the current temperature. Needless to say, its a cute hat. Quite easy to knit. Got the pattern from this book, which is also full of some crazy fun patterns - way more than I'd ever wear, but fun anyways.

Project #9


Tan on tan, not a good combo. (Especially not in a stretchy, unshapely skirt). Tan over bright pink and teal combined with ribbons upon ribbons, very good combo.

And the lace kinda looks like ducks for some reason.

I love the fringe. And I love the lace. And I love the colors.
I love the ducks.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Project #8

Drab to Fab

I saw this really beautiful cardigan one day and decided the fabric was too great to leave. But it is a stretch knit, which I avoid working with, so instead of totally restructuring it and turning it into a bag, I went for an easy fix. The original size was XXL (and I am a small).

So I made it a permanent wrap. I tacked the bottom corners to the opposite seam and then sewed the front two panels together at the bottom. It's still baggy, but more fashionably so now. Now I just need to get more into wearing cardigans.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Projects #6 and #7

Petals to the Metals

So I had a Scrap Night a little while ago to get rid of the duffel bag full of scraps that I own. Didn't make a dent in the fabric but some pretty flowers were created. It was a night full of experimentation and this is what I came up with.

The first was a slightly triangularly shaped fabric that I twisted and curled around itself into a flowerish shape.

The next is my favorite. It was an old mens shirt with vertical stripes. I cut it into strips, folded the strips in half so the seam was in the back and then lay them on top of each other at varying angles. I love it with the little pink button in the center.

So at the moment I just stick a bobby pin in the excess fabric in the back and pin them in my hair. And I probably wont ever do anything more permanent because hey, it works!

Project #5


So I had been working on a paper garbage bin made from old paper (you get it, recycling for my recycling bin). But the pattern took forever. It looks really cool, it just takes forever to make, so I decided I needed to just finish it, so I did. So here is my wastepaper basket from folded and woven magazines. (I had literally just finished gluing when I took pictures, so the paperclips are keeping the ends in place. Not permanent, those paperclips).

As you can see the bottom is the best feature. But to get it you have to fold 4 pieces of magazines for one square. A lot of folding in thirds. I dislike thirds in folding. Very difficult to be precise and I'm sort of a perfectionist in that way.

So I finished it up with just a simple basket weave, folded down the ends and glued them in place. It was a 'I need to finish something' day.