Monday, June 6, 2011

Project #5


So I had been working on a paper garbage bin made from old paper (you get it, recycling for my recycling bin). But the pattern took forever. It looks really cool, it just takes forever to make, so I decided I needed to just finish it, so I did. So here is my wastepaper basket from folded and woven magazines. (I had literally just finished gluing when I took pictures, so the paperclips are keeping the ends in place. Not permanent, those paperclips).

As you can see the bottom is the best feature. But to get it you have to fold 4 pieces of magazines for one square. A lot of folding in thirds. I dislike thirds in folding. Very difficult to be precise and I'm sort of a perfectionist in that way.

So I finished it up with just a simple basket weave, folded down the ends and glued them in place. It was a 'I need to finish something' day.

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