Wednesday, August 14, 2013

My Sights of Seattle

What the family we are staying with owns.  Jealous!!

What greets you when entering the neighborhood park...

The locks, where the boats tie up so perfectly in size order.

Safeco Field - bad night for the Mariners, but a very action filled game after the first 3 or 4 innings.   (And I got to check a major league field off my list and got some cute earrings with the compass logo on them.  Perfect quilt block inspiration.)

What you eat.  Monstrous pizza.  That's an iphone 5 my husband is graciously using to show the size here.  And they say everything's bigger in Texas.  I'd be scared to see their slice!

Those have been some sights here.  Honestly there have been many more but I am not a person to stop what I'm doing to line up a shot, even when it's just on my phone.  But I'm ok with that, though it means fewer photos to share of my travels.  I take a lot more of my handiwork, so you'll see plenty of that!

See you soon!
(with some fun inspiration)

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