Monday, August 26, 2013

Some Inspiration

Life is crazy sometimes.  My husband and I just moved back to Idaho after a 2 month stint in Salt Lake and Seattle.  Of course, we don't have an apartment yet because our previous landlord decided to sell the place, so we're momentarily homeless. 

We are super lucky to have amazing friends who let us crash with them.  I have an idea on how to thank them for this, but I'll keep it secret for now.

We should have a home by the end of the week.  Which would be lovely since my body is telling me I'm stressed.  I keep getting new illnesses that I've never had before and I think it's related to moving, not having a home, starting classes for the semester, starting orchestra again and having my husband working nights.  

On a happy note, these are all images from the Museum of Glass in Tacoma which is soooooo cool!  The best part was the hot shop, a giant cone where they do live glass blowing.  They have guest artists come in and you sit in the stadium seats along one wall and watch them work.  Someone with a microphone explains the process and they have some videos to watch to introduce the artists and their processes.  It was amazing.  (They also have live feed from their hot shop that you can watch on their website!  In case you're not near Tacoma).

I've been seeing quilt designs in everything I look at lately.  It's an exciting but dangerous new vision to have.  For now, though, I have made the promise to only work on 1 (one) quilt at a time.  I read about a lot of quilters that have 20 odd quilts on their list of Works in Progress and I don't know how they do it!  I also don't make quilts any time I have inspiration for it.  I've decided it has to have a purpose, it has to have someone to go to and for a reason before I make it.  It's helping me limit myself and not letting quilting over run my life completely.  (Which part of me would love, but it would probably kill my love of quilting after a few weeks.  Or days.)  I need balance in my life and this is how I hope to maintain it. 

I also don't buy fabric to build up my stash.  I only buy what I need for the one quilt I'm working on.  My Whirlygig quilt was exciting because it didn't take much of the patterned fabric but I had to buy the minimum required 1/8 yd so I have a good amount of leftovers (in comparison to the handful of scraps I usually have).  But typically I try to get the exact amount I need plus a tiny bit of wiggle room.  Like a few inches max.  So I don't really have enough scraps/stash to make any scrappy/stashy quilts yet.  Eventually I will, but for now, I get to shop for every quilt!

This last picture is from the Museum of Flight.  Theres a place there where you can listen to the actual tower workers talking.  Behind the screen is the air strip where the planes land.  And this picture is showing all the planes that were in the air (I think either leaving from or heading to North America) at that time.  Each dot is an airplane!  I don't think I ever thought of how many planes were in the air at a time, but if you had asked me, I would not have guessed this many.  There you go.  Fun mind-blowing information.

See you soon!
(with some more crafting?...meaning hopefully with less unwellness...)

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