Monday, August 19, 2013

A Quilt Sent, a Giant Made, a Question to Ask

Here it is, my lovely lone star quilt for my niece.  I know I already showed it, but it looks better now, better lighting, better with a husband behind it!

I got up the courage and washed and dried it (I want it to be launderable, no soaking it in the tub or hanging it out to dry, I want it thrown in the wash because it gets so much love).

I know now firsthand the wrinkles everyone mentioned when you wash it for the first time (I hadn't prewashed my fabric).  I like it!  Looks cozy, ready to wrap up in.

I love how the label is camouflaged (Hey, I almost spelled that right the first time! Just forgot the 'u'). 

I can't get over the back.  It's my favorite part.  

Rolling it up to get it sent on its way to a lovely 12 year old!

From her aunt!  Me!!

I had some extra fabric and 2 extra diamonds, so I made some pillowcases to go along with the quilt.  To make the bed cohesive if she'd like to.  They're identical.  Diamond on the front, yellow on the back.

So, I need a little help from my friends.  I'm working this out, but struggling with it.  I made the giant pinwheel for the center of my GillyWhig quilt.  My question is, do I put the small pinwheels around it in a rainbow pattern...

or random pattern...

Thoughts?  Ideas?  I just want it to look the awesomest it can!

See you soon! 
(with more ideas for this quilt hopefully!)


  1. I like the rainbow pattern! P.s. you are so talented!

    1. Thanks Steph! It's decisions like these that make me want to make another one so I don't have to decide! But budgets tend to get in the way! I like the rainbow as well, but there's something fun about random. I thought quilting was supposed to be easy and fun!