Monday, September 2, 2013

We have a House! And a wedding.

Our story has had some ups and downs lately.  We moved back to Idaho from Seattle and thought we had a townhouse to move back into.  It was all set, we checked it out, it was getting cleaned and then we'd be good to move in.  Until it was sold!?!  We were never told it was on the market so imagine our surprise!  That was on Thursday.  So I checked out 7 houses on Friday.  We talked with the owner on Saturday and started moving in on Sunday.  We are still very much Not set up, so I have not been doing much crafting.  Hence these last few posts have been older crafts.  So here's today's.  

My husband's niece (my niece as well I guess?  It was weird to marry and suddenly be an aunt to 9 kids) got married in January.  (She's not a kid, I guess).  With her parents both being teachers and not much time for planning/creating her wedding, I volunteered to come help for the week before since I didn't start school until after the wedding.

I had all sorts of fun, checking out thrift stores (where we got these cute metal baskets that I got to keep in the end!) to find cheap but cute ways to decorate.  I got to try these string balls, wrapped around balloons.  It was messy, but it was fun and they looked awesome.  We made some (close to 100) tissue paper flowers as well, the big ones!  No pictures of those.

For her shower I made her some pillow cases (and I was nice and gave her pillows inside the cases as well.)  I saw these somewhere (and for some reason I took a picture of them on my computer screen instead of bookmarking or pinning them).  So off to JoAnn I went!

I like them!  I made simple envelope back cases.  I used Martha Stewarts tutorial. The hard part was freezer paper stenciling the letters on.  We printed the writing out and my husband and I slaved away with exacto knives, trying to cut tiiiiiny lines out.  We were a little off on the spacing of the words, but I think it still looks awesome. They love Dr. Who so I tried to get a Tardis-ish blue.  Not that you would think that looking at it.  But I thought of it.

To make them a little more exciting I decided to add a button placket on Mr. Right's, just taking a strip of fabric, folding it in 3rds and stewing it on an angle on the case.  I sewed the buttons on after (I think they're still pinned in this picture!)

For Mrs. Always Right I made some ruffles.  To be honest, I can't remember the method I used, but I'm going to guess it was the - sew down the middle with a basting stitch (twice, perhaps?) and pull them to create the ruffle, then I stitched it down the center of the ruffle on the opposite corner of the Mr.'s.  Just for a little necessary girliness.  

I also found these Amazing shoes at target for $10.  Green and shiny silver, I loooove them!

It also snowed like crazy.  That's my car.  I think it looks like a giant monster took a swat at it.  So much snow.

I also made my first bouquet.  Just roses.  Simple is good for me.  But I think it turned out great.  I made two boutonnieres for Mr. Right as well, but I wasn't great at pictures this trip, so no pictures. 

I hope you've enjoyed my trip down memory lane.

See you soon!
(with pictures of a new craft room?  and a new craft??)

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