Wednesday, September 25, 2013

It's Been One of THOSE Weeks

The kind of week where I felt like it was Thursday or possibly even Friday and I realize, it's Tuesday afternoon.  The kind of week where for the past 3 days I haven't touched a sewing machine, haven't touched fabric altogether, other than blankets and clothing (not made by me).  The kind of week where the only me time I really get is while I'm eating.  And since I can't type or sew and eat at the same time, it was used to do other things.  It's sad, because before this week I managed to finish sewing all my tiny one inch squares and I took pictures while I did it to make a little tutorial.  (It will happen eventually, but not tonight).  I needed to get them off the ironing board, so I grabbed an extra strip of batting left over from a quilt and hung it on the wall.  Here it is with about half the squares on it.

So imagine my horror/sadness when I walked in to see this...

Clearly blue tape was a poor choice.
It has looked like this since Saturday.  I haven't had the time to fix it (since now everything will be out of order) and so I have left it where it lies.  

But I look forward to the weekend - I have finally thought of a solution for practicing my free motion quilting.  And my amazing husband bought me a foot for it while I was away the weekend before last.  Best welcome home present, ever! I do love him.

See you soon...
(...I hope, with something crafty having been done?!!)

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