Monday, August 1, 2011

Project #11a-11n

Clutch Mania

So I decided for the end of the year to make thank you gifts for the teachers at the school I work with, and I have 3 boxes full of fabric swatches that a friend at Pratt gave me, so I decided to shoot two birds with one stone and make some gifts out of those swatches. And this is what happened.
I made 14 in bags in the space of 5 hours. I was getting button holes done in 45 seconds. They are quite simple and I actually complicated them more than I needed two. It's two swatches and a button, pleated on the bottom for expansion room and buttoned at top to keep the flap down. Very simple design, but the fancy upholstery fabrics make the clutches durable and elegant without crazy designs. I was lucky enough to have friends and family help me start a great button collection a few years ago. It was fun and simple and I got them done! That's my favorite part.

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