Friday, March 29, 2013

I made a Skirt! (and lost 4 teeth!)

So I got my wisdom teeth pulled on Monday.  It's sort of funny, I was most nervous about being knocked out for it and it turns out I got to stay awake!  I was a little sad that I couldn't see what was happening except for a little reflection in the dentist's goggles, but I got to see the teeth at the end.  So cool!
But anyways, since it's spring break I don't have any classes to take or lessons to teach and I'm not 100% back to my typical energetic, intellectual self.  So I'm crafting, and taking my time at it.

I got these pants at a clothing swap, I believe, and I'm not sure why I took them.  Not quite my style and I didn't think I'd wear them.  And over a year later, I've never worn them.  So the other day I was talking with a friend and she mentioned jean skirts.  Looking them up on Pinterest I can say there are a lot that I don't approve of.  I don't like the overlap crotch look.

I had also just recently seen a post about a peekaboo pleat.  So I decided to use the pleat on the skirt.  I don't have the mental stamina to write a true tutorial, but I'll give a general idea.

I chopped the legs off and ironed out the cuff ( I got 9 more inches that were hidden away up there!)

I used one pant leg, ripped out the side seams and cut each half into 3rds, so I ended up with 6 pieces of denim.

I cut out 6 pieces of the purple fabric to sew in between, pleated the denim in about 1 1/4 inches on each side and sewed them all together.

I hemmed the skirt just by folding the bottom edge up twice and sewing at the top and bottom of the fold.

I also removed the giant belt loops since I knew I wouldn't wear it with a belt and they just seem weird and giant so I scrapped them.

I folded the bottom edge of the top of the jeans up and sewed the pleated section to it, (again sewing at the bottom and top of the fold) and tada!

Refashion, Jean, Denim, Skirt, Pants, Box Pleat, Peekaboo Pleat,

I realize the pictures make me seem like a little school girl with the high socks.  But I was wearing them under sweat pants (I'm resting, remember?)  

I also realized as I took the pictures that, as much as I love my craftsmanship on the skirt, it's not really my style.  So I took one thing I wasn't going to wear and made something else I'm not going to wear.  Soooo....
I'm probably going to sell it.  Once I take that big step and open my etsy shop, it'll be up for grabs!

See you soon!

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