Monday, May 27, 2013

An older Project (as promised)

I finished 4 bags for my etsy shop!! I've been working on them for the past few days and I'm pretty excited.  I just finished them, though, so no good pictures yet.  I've got some plans to make a few more items before I start up the shop.  Just to make it more exciting to browse through from the beginning.  The whole process has been really fun for me, thinking of names, how to package things, what to make, shipping/return policies, banners/logos to have on my page, tags for my bags (yay rhyming!), I feel really businessy.  Even when I'm at home in my pj's at 5 when my husband gets home from work. 

This is the adorable baby quilt I made for my adorable niece (the first one born since I was married).  She was also born in July.  Don't worry, this was actually given to her shortly after her birth, which is why I only have these two, slightly smudged pictures to offer you!

I didn't realize how patriotic it was until right this very moment, but I have to say my favorite part is the cozy green backing.  It looks like someone had a bunch of green colored pencils and wanted to fill in a yellow paper, so they kept drawing line after line until it was covered.  The lines aren't perfectly straight, either, which is again what makes it look hand drawn.

I tied this quilt with some green embroidery thread (it didn't use much).  I think the finished measurements are about 25"-30" square.  (I think each square block is 5 or 6 inches).  And I made the backing a little larger and folded it over the top for the binding.  Simple and fun and made me feel proud and successful when I finished.

See you later!
(with nicer pictures, I promise!)

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