Saturday, June 1, 2013

I was feeling crafty! (and a sneak peek)

I was feeling bold, so I shared a link to my wedding dance mini quilt project on the So You Think You're Crafty Craft Party page!  This is officially the first time I've ever done anything on another blog, other than comment on blogs whose authors I personally know.  So exciting!

Speaking of exciting, I saw this pillow up in Idaho Falls today when my husband and I made a quick stop in Target after going to a session at the temple.  (We were finally able to go together.  His work has been craaaaaazy!)    

It's super simple design, and the yellow fabric is raw edge appliqued onto the white. I tried to find it online, however, and it appears this pillow does not exist.  The closest I found was this pillow, which is also a really cool design, but not quite the same technique.

Also exciting is what I've been up to this week.  I love how this crazy mess of pins...

...can turn into things as elegant and clean as this...

These are examples of the shoulder bags and clutches/cosmetic bags I've been working on.  I love them!  (Especially this amazing boat fabric set).   I'm making matching clutches as well as non-matching.  I'll be listing them separately on etsy so people can pick a matching one, if they please, or one in total contrast, or none at all.  I'm excited because the shoulder bags are reversible!!  Always love a good multi-tasker.

See you later!
(With more details on more creations!)

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