Sunday, May 19, 2013

Owning Purple, and a (WiP) Quilt Almost Sandwich!

I love this picture.  Here we have the backing fabric for my WiP quilt (bottom right), my favorite pair of scrubs, gifted to me by my husband (top right), my favorite pair of tights, gifted from my mother (bottom left) and my phone case, picked out by me (top left).  I kind of like this color, no?

I never liked purple when I was younger.  My favorite colors were green and blue.  With four kids, my mother needed a way of organizing our schedules (we all had sports and music and church activities, so it got crazy sometimes).  She put a huge calendar on the wall every month, and whenever we had an event, we had to put it on in our color.  Here's where purple entered my life.  The boys naturally got first choice with green and blue, my sister had orange, my mom was yellow, dad black? and family stuff in brown (or something like that).  I was not a pink fan (I added my 3rd pink item to my wardrobe on Friday, a pale pink knitted shirt.  The other two are a pair of neon pink corduroy shorts and a neon pink and tan striped jersey skirt).  Point being, pink is not my color.  Red was too close to pink.  So my mother chose purple for me.  I believe I felt a bit of loathing at the beginning.  Seemed so unfair that the boys got green and blue because they were 'boy' colors.  But I love my brothers, so I stuck with purple.  

It started changing me.  I began to feel a sense of ownership over anything purple.  Toothbrushes, bags (woah, just realized, my favorite backpack, that I picked out for myself when I was in 2nd grade and kept using through high school - with safety pins holding the zipper closed - was purple.  Maybe I didn't 'loathe' it.  Odd).  Anything that was purple seemed to say it was mine.  When I got a kindle, my sister gave me an awesome case for it - purple.  I found out purple looks good on me (though my scrubs and tights are the only purple in my wardrobe right now).  Few games have purple tokens, but if they do, they're mine.  Purple became a really important color to me.  I still don't love most shades of it.  Most are too blue or pink.  I love the shade pictured above with a nice dose of red, but I love the idea that it's not a 'favorite' color, but it's a personal color, very close to me, one which is hard for me to not live with.  When shopping for a random household item, if I'm not drawn to any other color, I'll get purple.  It's my safety net color.  I like my purple.  Purple means me.

So to me, this back says "Tess pieced this!"  I love the colors together.  The blue really pops.  I'm glad I didn't make it any wider, it would've been too much.  

I was going to attempt to baste it by pinning/weighting corners/taping it to my carpeted floors because I had no other options, until my husband happened to mention it to his mother who was coming up for the weekend - and she had an old quilting frame!

So with all my pieces assembled, that's what tomorrow will be - sandwiching all the layers on an old wood frame, tightening and push pinning everything into place, safety pinning it like a mad woman with as many pins as I have (I'm a first time quilter, can you tell?).  I'm so excited and can't wait put it all together!

See you later!
(with a basted quilt!!!!?????)

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