Tuesday, May 21, 2013

A love, an Idea and a Premature Announcement (No, not Pregnancy)

I have fallen in love with quilting.  I'm working on my 3rd (ever) quilt and I have a feeling I'm hooked for life.  I've also decided that, since having read other quilters blogs who mention how they have quilts exploding out of every nook and cranny at their house, I would give my quilts as gifts to my nieces and nephews (for the most part, though I'm sure every family member and friend will end up with one eventually).  

I chose to give them one at the age of 12 because only one niece had passed that age (and she's 19, so I felt it gave me liberty to give her hers whenever I felt like it!), I wouldn't be pressured into doing 9 quilts in time for Christmas, and 12 years old is a big step.  It's their last year before becoming a teenager, they're working their way through middle school (the age I would put last on my list to revisit), and in our church, they leave Primary, which is the organization which teaches children ages 3-11, and they enter the youth program for 12 - 18 year olds. 12 is big!

(my birthday present from my mom!! I love my mom!!)

So 12 it is.  Problem is, quilting is expensive.  Even with my current WiP quilt, sewing the whole top from scraps I had on hand, I still spent $30 on the backing, binding, batting (yay alliteration!) and thread (alliteration downer), and that was after saving $20 with coupons.  My brain started going and I decided that I had so many bags and other crafts that were almost/mostly done, but that I really didn't need, and they could help me.

Like this bag - I love the patchwork front.  The bright pink lining, however, and the ragged 'I hoped it would look artsy but it just looks wrong' handle, they're not evoking the same love.  My plan - take all these projects, rip out what's not working (if applicable), finish them beautifully, and sell them on etsy.  I have dreamed of having an etsy shop since high school.  I'm finally going to do it!  And I'm hoping that I can raise enough money sewing bags (and other such items) to buy the fabric to make awesome quilts for my nieces and nephews to cuddle and grow up in.  So keep an eye out: after I've got a few finished, motenema will finally be on etsy!  

See you later!
(with a link to an esty shop???)

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