Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Heart Love - A Quilt for my Niece

This is the front of my niece's quilt, before it was sewn up, out on my 'design floor'. It made doing anything else difficult for a few days as I laid it out. Good motivation to get it done!

(Sorry it's tilted all weird and sideways. I'm sort of focusing on actually posting and not about the perfection of things. Also, I don't have room on my phone to take any more pictures and so this is what I have until I take time to delete other things.)

This quilt was all randomly done. I grabbed a handful of the first few blues (after laying them out light to dark) and I would go across the row making sure two of the same were never touching. If I could change anything, I would've gotten a better blend of pinks, but honestly, the options weren't super great and by the time I had finished picking out 17 blues, my two kids were a little less patient with me, so I wasn't the insanely picky self I usually am.

Anyway, for having designed it in the aisle at the fabric store, I am pretty proud of it. Simple construction, but still super fun and interesting. (She likes hearts and turquoise/aqua. And stars, hence the back piece.)

Yay for me for completing the another post! Hope you like,


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