Saturday, July 8, 2017

Because I'm a little crazy

I have an umbrella clothesline.  Unfortunately, it fell over during a use (I hadn't replanted it in the yard after winter so it was a touch unstable) and after much frustration, I had to pack it up for a few days.  The string was uneven, I couldn't open it. But our summer sun is soooo hot and things dry so quick, I feel guilty using a dryer.  Hence, the following:

Armed with our four dining chairs and the dog's old 30ft wire leash (when we weren't sure if he would try to jump the fence in our backyard or not), I strung up a makeshift laundry line.  (That's a queen sized fitted sheet hanging.  The flat sheet is temperarily hanging on the chair seats, waiting it's turn in the full sun).

It didn't all fit in one go, I swapped out the two parts of the sheet and some other towels, but it all dried in about the same time a dryer would have taken.  Sometimes I think I'm a little crazy to do this sort of stuff, but it feels good to have not turned the dryer on when the temperature outside is above 95F. 

Happy laundering to you all.

see you soon.  with more stuff.  probably.

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