Saturday, May 1, 2010

31 Projects in 31 Days

For the past 2 Januaries I have committed myself to finishing 31 projects in as many days. Now before you complement me on my dedication, not all the projects are what you might call 'projects'. For me, it's a month to get rid of that 'to-do' pile in my corner, which consists mostly of sewing jobs. I have a bag full of items that need mending or finishing, but I also use the opportunity to force myself to create. My first year I sat down on January 31 at 10pm wanting so bad to go out to a show but needing one more project. So I picked up the end of a tie left over from a previous project, sewed some velcro on both ends and voila...a beautiful bracelet.

This year I've decided that my pile has gotten a little too big again so I'm moving the excitement to May, as in today! As I continue posting, you'll see projects from previous years, but for the next 31 days, my posts will be all the marvellous items that I make in my May 31 in 31. Feel free to join me, support is always helpful. It keeps you up to speed. If you send me pictures of your work I'd be glad to share it with my small world. I love seeing other's creativity.

OH! This is not a 'project a day' type challenge. I can't have that kind of pressure. It's a 'do 5 projects in one day and then sit and relax for a week' type thing. This adventure is purely for your own enjoyment and sense of accomplishment, so enjoy it. And enjoy the sun!

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