Sunday, October 27, 2013

A little of my life-

So I feel quite special, I have reached 3000 views.  I know, some blogs get that many in one day, but I am so excited.  I write for fun, a little creative outlet and I love the idea that maybe I'm helping other people get their crafty on, or get into crafting.  I love anything creative.  I had a lovely girls weekend with my sister in laws and mother in law and it was so much fun, but it meant a lot of not sleeping and just a little crafting (and somehow no pictures of it).  So here's a little of my life...

A great ice cream place, $1 scoops.  I got 2 half scoops, because I wanted two different flavors.  Notice anything though?  That top "half", it's about 1/4 the size of the bottom "half".  I feel more than a little gypped.  It was only a dollar, though, so I sort of can't complain.

This is the squirrel that parked itself in the tree outside our house (I'm looking at it through my craft room window).  It stayed there for over an hour making noises I've never heard from a squirrel before.   Some normal squeaks, but then growls and yips.  It was staring down at the ground the whole time, seemingly very hostile, but there was nothing down there! It was a little frightening.  But it left eventually.

These next few are from a series of running/biking trails near us.  My husband took me there for a walk to see all the beautiful colors as the leaves change.

He told me it was better a few days before, but it was still beautiful.  I like the trail disappearing into the trees in the picture above.  

The colors were just amazing.  Purples and greens, reds, oranges, blues.  Loved it.  I love the trees going up the hill.  They look like fluffy pom poms.  I want to rub my face in them a little.

I told my husband that if we weren't already married he should have proposed to me on this trail. 
I also love that pop of lime green up in the left there.  Surprise! 

So that's a little of my life.  To be honest, the rest of my life looks a lot like this...

So sewing is slow.  But I got one more pinwheel quilted on my GillyWhig Quilt, 2 more small ones left and then the center.  Thanks for reading!  Now go on, get crafty!

See you soon!
(...with something crafty this week, I promise!!!!!)

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