Thursday, April 11, 2013

Baby hats! (For other people's children)

There have been a few births at my husband's work lately, and since I have a large stash of yarn that hasn't been used, I thought it would be fun to make some baby gifts.  I found this adorable pattern on ravelry and fell in love.  So I made a girl's first...

... and then a boys.   I altered it a little for the boy, doubling the front and back ribbing and folding them over for a thicker/warmer feel.  I added decorative buttons on the front flap and knit icords to tie instead of a buttoned strap.  

I just think they're adorable - they use short rows to get the <> shape on the top of the head.  And they are a fast project.  Completed in the space of one movie once you get the hang of the short rows pattern.   I think this will be my new staple gift.  (Sorry I don't have an adorable baby to pose for these.  Just guitars and chairs!)

See you soon!

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